About Us

The gift for divorce.

DivorceLuck.com is based in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania near the city of Allentown.  We have all been  through the “meat grinder” of divorce.   Our mission is to provide wishes of luck, happiness, and laughter to others impacted by divorce.

We are not about advocating divorce, we advocate for the pursuit of living a happy life.  The brutal truth of life is that not all divorce is a bad thing.    Another truth is that for many divorce is the BEGINNING of a happy chapter and the ending of a “not so happy” chapter in life.        Not everyone “get’s us”, and we don’t care.

Stop to smell the roses, watch the sunset, have a cocktail and cheers to a happy life!



  • Puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.

    – Jackie M – Salem, MA

  • Excellent quality, I have worn mine on my keychain for almost two months now and still looks great!

    – Jeffrey T - Sanibel, FL

  • This was the perfect gift for a friend of mine going through a divorce. She absolutely loved it! The card and holder are also a very nice touch.

    – Jennifer K. – Cape May, NJ